Enjoy the self-serve/self-paced session of Your Book Bakery, and write your nonfiction book on your own schedule.

The process, although it will be challenging at times, will be delicious and leave you as the author with a good taste in your mouth.

This program has been valued at $5,000 or more by a professional course creator who participated in it, but it is currently priced at 96% off, at $197. Here's what your investment gets you:

  • A proven recipe for writing a nonfiction book, from picking the topic and title all the way to typing "The End"
  • A manual that walks you through every step
  • A digital copy of Jennifer's book, Your Book Bakery: Making it easy to write a book
  • A guarantee that if you follow the directions, you will have a finished manuscript

Just click here to sign up and get your "cookbook" so you can bake your book with us.